Whether it is called Brazilian keratin treatment, Coppola keratin straightening, Keratin Complex treatment, Liquid keratin, and Global keratin, etc., the primary product used in this conditioning treatment is keratin. Keratin is a tough protein found in skin, hair and, nails. The chemical aldehyde, a derivative of formaldehyde, assists the keratin infusion into the hair.


Keratin Treatment versus Japanese Straightening Treatment

Unlike the thermal reconditioning system (Japanese straightening) which thermally and chemically restructures the hair bonds to create permanent stick straight hair, the keratin procedures recondition the hair preventing frizz while allowing it to wave, curl, or be flat ironed straight. Hair gradually returns to its original state without the awkward growing out stage inherent to the Brazilian hair straightening. This advantage becomes its disadvantage; the treatment is not permanent and lasts anywhere from 8 weeks to 4 months.


The Hair Undergoes a Conditioning Treatment

Essentially the protein keratin formula is infused into freshly washed hair by heat. The internal hair bond is unchanged, the cuticle is smoothed and hair damage is repaired. The internal structure of the hair is not changed but the hair is believed to be stronger, more flexible and manageable post treatment.


The Application of Keratin Hair Treatment

Hair is thoroughly washed of any product with a special salt-free clarifying shampoo. Hair is blown 50-100% dry with hair dryer and brush then sectioned with the solution applied thoroughly to every strand. Each strand section is then straightened up to 3 times (depends on damaged hair) with a 350-450-degree flat iron thus infusing the keratin solution into the hair. Thereafter, it is washed with a sodium-free shampoo and conditioner. Results are frizz free, soft, shiny hair ready for styling or air-drying.


The Brazilian Straightening, is a keratin hair treatment. The two big differences between the Japanese and the Brazilian hair Straightening is the Japanese Hair Straightening is permanent but the Brazilian Hair Straightening is semi-permanent and will keep your hair straight for 3 to 5 months Second, for the Japanese Hair Straightening, we use a perm chemical, for the Brazilian Keratin Treatment, we use a keratin hair, which will not damage your hair and make it look healthy & shiny. If your hair follows our statement below, It is better if you get the Brazilian Keratin Treatment done.

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