Thermal Reconditioning (also called Japanese Hair Straightening) is an innovative new technique from Japan and Korea to make frizzy,

curly or wavy hair completely straight while preserving the hair’s health. Japanese Hair Straightening typically will improve the hair’s feel, softness and shine while making it more manageable! With added protein treatments and supporting products for the thermal reconditioning procedure, it is nor uncommon to hear clients proclaim that their hair condition actually has improved after the procedure.

Japanese Hair Straightening or Thermal Reconditioning is a chemical process that changes the structure of the hair, making it totally straight. Japanese Straightening products are done in conjunction with straightening irons that seal in the hair’s moisture and shine once the Japanese straightening process is completed.

It will also remove all frizziness from the hair giving it a sleeker look. The Hair straightening improves the texture of hair, because when hair is thermally straightened/reconditioned, it loosens the hair’s cystine protein bonds and reshapes the bonds by straightening the hair cells with the use of heated flat irons, then makes it permanent by using a neutralizer. The cuticle of the hair is therefore Closed, reestablishing a smoother surface.

Wavy and curly hair is almost always frizzy because the cuticle is usually opened/porous, causing the hair to be vulnerable to all outside elements. On the other hand straight hair is usually smooth because the cuticle is in a closed state, allowing light to reflect off it`s smooth surface.

So by straightening the hair the cuticle the hair is shinier, healthier and safer from the outside elements

This is the basis for all Japanese Hair Straightening Systems.

This treatment involves applying, specialized water, known as Phi-ten, to a patented chemical formula. Phi-ten water is created through a process know as PHILD, developed by Phi-ten chemists. The water contains gold molecules which are electrically stable. The result, notably when combined with heat, is an increase in the ability of the hair to absorb nutrients and moisturizing agents rapidly and effectively.


japanese straight

The first question that is asked when clients hear about Japanese Hair Straightening/Thermal Reconditioning, is “Why do the Japanese need a relaxer? They already have straight hair!” Contrary to popular belief, a high percentage of the Japanese population has a wavy or kinky curl to their hair.

Yuko™ was the very first Thermal Reconditioning system. Both Liscio and Yuko™ products contain similar ingredients, however, Yuko System™ only has one solution strength, which makes it hard to use on different hair types. In 1996, a Japanese company developed Liscio™ a solution designed to straighten kinky or frizzy hair. Unlike traditional relaxers containing harsh chemicals, Liscio solution is gentler to the hair. It has specially formulated with ingredients that help to protect and to repair hair from heat damage utilizing protein treatments and supporting products for the thermal reconditioning procedures.

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